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Leon County Government Job Opportunity 
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This is professional work providing engineering consultation and support services to permit review staff.  Work involves efficiently reviewing environmental permits and site plan applications for compliance with the Leon County Environmental Management Act (EMA). Work also involves distributing environmental information and technical assistance to citizens and agencies.                                                       

Conducts reviews of the stormwater aspects of site plans and environmental impact analyses.  Analyzes plans, applicable maps, GIS map data, and all supporting documentation. Reviews development proposals and prepares written comments to the Development Services Coordinator and the applicant. Addresses project design and code compliance relating to stormwater deficiencies and inconsistencies. Reviews resubmittalsand provides comments to Development Services staff. Reviews subsequent redesign and resubmittals.  Issues written responses for information when appropriate. Attends Application Review Meetings (ARM), Development Review Committee (DRC) meetings, and Board of County Commissioner (BoCC) meetings with applicants regarding redesign and resubmittals. Recommends stormwater approval or special conditions, or approval of the site and development plan to the Development Services Coordinator.    
Conducts environmental management permit application reviews. Receives and reviews permit applications and supporting documentation for completeness and consistency, including review of all technical manuals and engineering guidelines. Analyzes and interprets maps, and proposed project plans, and information demonstrating compliance with applicable floodplain management and flood hazard ordinances for all proposed improvements. Performs site investigations and evaluates site features to complement the submitted plans analysis of drainage characteristics of the project site, and adjacent areas to determine if the project will function as designed.  Reviews the grading, drainage, and associated erosion control plans submitted for the proposed development project. Verifies compliance with the EMA. Reviews tree impacts and mitigation for compliance with the EMA. Reviews submitted projects for compliance with landscaping requirements. Reviews submitted projects for compliance with landscaping requirements.  Reviews the proposed landscape planting plan for integrity of the vegetative communities unique to the site and consistent with site planning and site design principals. 

Reviews stormwater management plans for water quality, quantity and rate control.  Reviews hydrologic/hydraulic calculations and computer hydrologic/hydraulic models for compliance with provisions of the stormwater ordinance.  Reviews legal documents and agreements and confers with the County Attorney's Office. Verifies all fees assessed to the project prior to final processing incurred during the application review process. Prepares detailed permit documents regarding general and special conditions for environmental management permits consistent with the EMA. Maintains and creates files, records (File Action Forms), Accela records and ProjectDox file management.
Reviews Operating Permits, "As-Built" Record Drawings and Final Plats. Receives and reviews applications and supporting documentation for completeness and consistency. Reviews all permits, including the preliminary plat, for consistency with the submitted plans. Reviews the submitted Stormwater Operating Permit and As-Built plans for consistency with the associated environmental management permit. Prepares comments to applicant as applicable regarding resubmittal or approval of the submitted StormwaterOperating Permit and As-Built plans.
Provides technical assistance and consultation. Researches, analyzes and interprets technical aspects of plans, calculations and maps in permit files. Provides technical advice and expert testimony on stormwater issues as required. Conducts engineering/technical analyses of drainage complaints/problems to discover the source of the problem and, if appropriate, propose solutions. Performs Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) responsibilities which include providing technical review of flood letters, Letters of Map Amendment (LOMAs), FEMA flood studies, Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs),FEMA Letters of Exclusion and FEMA No Rise Certificate studies.  Provides information to the public concerning these records and FEMA regulatory procedures. Provides stormwater technical assistance in all areas of permitting.
Develops and executes computer models to assess the performance of stormwaterfacilities.
Serves as Service Advisor (SA) to provide customer service. Assist telephone or walk-in customers on environmental related issues, on a rotating basis.  Assist individuals by directing them to the appropriate source when the question is not an environmental compliance/permitting issue.  Takes complaints and direct them in an expeditious manner to the Permit and Code Services Division.  Follows up in all instances where there is a sensitive issue which must find resolution.  Refers applicants to specific staff members for technical consultation based on individual professional expertise. Reviews all pertinent maps (USGS, FIRM, Environmental Sensitive Feature), topographical and GIS map information, aerial photos, and master permits in conjunction with the inquiry.  Provides information in a clear, accurate and technically complete, client-sensitive manner.  Provides any written verification of information requested to support the activities proposed by the client.  Provides copies of code and reference maps which would assist the client in the process.  Documents interactions in the SA log daily.
Performs necessary administrative functions. Attends team review meetings to obtain division information and provide site specific information for projects permitted during the previous week. Discusses and plans division projects. Participates in pre-approved training, education and professional development activities as approved by Division, Department and County management entities, which involves participation in activities outside of everyday caseload and client oriented services provided by staff.  Writes or reviews BoCC agenda items regarding stormwater issues, and policy and ordinance revisions. Reviews ordinance provisions, comprehensive plan requirements and Department policies and procedures related to stormwater and flood protection; recommends and develops modifications as determined necessary. Attends and/or makes presentations at citizen's advisory group meetings as directed.
Maintains intra- and inter-agency coordination and communication. Represents the department at meetings with other County, City of Tallahassee, State and Federal agencies. Attends public meetings and addresses stormwater or environmental issues as directed.
Knowledge of geology, engineering surface water hydrology, hydraulics, chemistry, soil science, geography, construction principals and land development rules, policies and procedures and landscaping. Must possess analytical skills for evaluating sites for conformance with environmental code and for reviewing permits and mitigation/restoration plans. Ability to interpret codes and policies and procedures, and to apply those policies and codes in the field through site analysis, to make decisions within the specific limits and to utilize good judgment and tact. Ability to read site plans to prepare and give speaking presentations. Must possess excellent public relations and negotiating skills; work with numerous professional and non-professional entities, public and private agencies; communicate clearly, both verbally and in writing; utilize computer for data storage and retrieval and prepare correspondence. Ability to interpret aerial photographs, maps, remote sensing data and GIS data, and ability to review, analyze and interpret extensive stormwater models. Knowledge of zoning code and state and federal environmental codes.
Independent judgment is required for this position in determining the work methods for completing assigned projects. This is heavily reliant on technical expertise and governed by various Florida Statutes covering the practice of Engineering in the State of Florida. The supervisor, outside the initial project assignments and project introductory briefings, relies on the employee to be autonomous in the means and methods utilized to render the service.
Internal and external customer contact made to exchange and acquire information.
Computer, various computer software programs, and scientific calculator and a car and/or light truck are examples of equipment and tools used.
Work mainly indoors seated in a chair at a desk.  Some field work required and exposure to weather.  Possible exposure to insects, reptiles, poisonous plants, dogs, cats, possums, squirrels. 
FLSA STATUS:  Position currently meets the learned professional exemption.  Position meets the salary test and acts with discretion and independent judgment in the performance of environmental engineering design review of land development site plans. Position requires a certification as a professional engineer and a degree. Position also performs administrative work that involves coordinating work activities.


Requires graduation from a four year accredited college or university with a Bachelor's degree in Civil or Environmental Engineering or a related field and five years of related work experience.
Necessary Special Requirements:.
Must possess a valid State of Florida Class "E" Operator's License and have a favorable driving record where applicable. 
Must be certified as a Professional Engineer in the State of Florida and in good standing.

Must have stormwater related experience.

Internal Number: 043A-18

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