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PROJECT MANAGER II (Stormwater Design & Construction)

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The City of Fort Lauderdale is seeking dynamic and goal-driven employees. Employees that aremotivated to take on today's greatest challenges and rewards in the field of local publicservice. Employees who are passionate about making a difference and achieving ourmission: We Build Community, in a fast-paced organization that operates by vision, strategy,and action. Would you fit in? Apply now.This is advanced professional and administrative work of more than average difficulty, which willinvolve managing and inspecting municipal public works and utilities stormwater operationsdesign and construction projects within the City.Employees in this class authorize and monitor the engineering design and construction ofcomplex municipal engineering and utilities projects with a specific focus on stormwaterinfrastructure projects and city-wide master planning/modeling. A major emphasis of work ismonitoring and directing the work of engineering, architectural, and utilities consultants andcontractors engaged in the design, permitting, and construction of City stormwater and variousother infrastructure projects. Work requires advanced project management skills and the abilityto effectively negotiate with outside consultants and contractors. Responsibilities include themanagement of numerous projects, simultaneously, in various stages of development includingplanning, consultant selection, design, construction management, inspection and warrantyadministration. Knowledge of and experience with stormwater modeling software andengineering design and construction methods will be greatly beneficial.This employment class is distinguished from the Project Manager I position by the larger scopeand complexity of assigned projects, the additional experience and licensing requirements, andthe level of independent decision-making required. Employees in this class perform a broadrange of work assignments requiring the exercise of considerable initiative and independentjudgment in assuring that activities meet high standards of service, are performed with themaximum effective use of resources, and that work is accomplished in accordance withaccepted technical standards and in compliance with applicable rules, regulations and laws. Theemployee in this class may supervise subordinate professional and paraprofessional staff andinspectors. Work is reviewed by a Senior Project Manager via conferences with the employee,through study of reports submitted, by direct observation, and by the degree of achievement ofestablished goals, objectives, timeliness of project completion, and work plans.

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