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Getting There: Top road construction projects of 2018


ROAD CONSTRUCTION -- Road construction hits that primal part of our brains; the same section that seeks food, protects loved ones and comments on social media. The emotional bit that simplifies and clarifies the complexity of life. The area that, at least when it comes to road work, grumbles, “Just fix the road! Fill the potholes!” Of course, road construction is much more complicated than that, and the $67 million in new projects – not to mention the $88 million in work on ongoing projects – the city of Spokane will embark on this year reflect that complexity. The five key projects this year cover a lot of ground, from completing road renovations to new bikeways on an old highway to an interesting pilot project done in conjunction with Gonzaga University testing new types of pavement and concrete. Complex, interesting and, yes, they will likely affect your commute.

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