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Green infrastructure protects salmon waters


GREEN INFRASTRUCTURE, WETLANDS - This past summer Copper River Watershed Project worked with private property owners Ardy and Laura Hanson to install the latest piece of Cordova’s “green infrastructure” to prevent stormwater pollutants from draining into Odiak Pond, home to pink and coho salmon, waterfowl and beavers. CRWP used Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation grant funding to install a perforated pipe drain that collects water below the earth’s surface and directs it to an existing creek bed, keeping rain water from washing across the Hanson’s lot where it could pick up pollutants. What is “green” infrastructure, and why is it important? Stormwater runoff, or all the water flowing across parking lots and streets, is a leading cause of water pollution in developed areas. Leaked vehicle fluids, heavy metals, sediments and bacteria are all swept into our creeks, lakes and nearshore ocean waters during heavy rain. Traditional street design uses “gray” infrastructure – pipe drainage and water treatment systems – to move water away from our homes and stores, but it doesn’t filter those pollutants out.

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